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Allow me a moment to relate my professional bio, the juicy first person comedy will follow

A veteran of the digital marketing industry in South Africa, Desmond has spent the past thirteen years overseeing the scoping and implementation of digital technologies to create measurable value for his customers.

With extensive experience leading organisational development, managing business operations and engaging with clients on digital marketing strategy and tactics – Desmond has steadfastly maintained the focus on entrenching the digital relationships between businesses and their clientele.

Desmond is currently the Business Unit Head for digital marketing within EOH Digital and is responsible for driving enterprise growth through sound financial management, implementation of operational efficiencies and enabling the most inspiring team of individuals who work at EOH Digital to be rock stars.

Get in touch with us to see how you can leverage digital to create more consistent, unified and beneficial customer experiences.

… and now for the less boring (hopefully funnier) personal bio

I am an Enthusiast. It deserves the capital letter because I am so enthusiastic about so many things, my enthusiasm sometimes gets me into trouble with my family banker (myself). As a case in point – I doubt I really needed that fifth fly rod when I already had four; and did I really need that 29er mountain bike when I only had the 26er for 3 months? For the record – I did sell that one to get the new one, but still. Luckily I have the most understanding wife on earth.

My Enthusiasm can be broadly categorised into three facets:

The first and foremost facet of my enthusiasm has to be my family. My stunning wife Tami, my adorable daughter Shannon Blake – The Apple of My Eye – and my parents, siblings, friends and in-laws who all give me the support, freedom and motivation to be enthusiastic about anything that tickles my fancy.

Tami and Shannon

My Stunning Wife and Adorable Daughter

Secondly, as the historical development of the human race would have it, I seem to have to work in order to able to enjoy certain other pleasures in life. Seeing as though it is a necessity, I figured out at an early age that I might as well love what I do to put bread on the table. This is where my enthusiasm for digital comes in. Digital, in all of its aspects, has been a part of my life for a long time, and I am blessed to be able to earn a living teaching clients how to improve their businesses through the use of everything that the digital channel has to offer. I am a Digital Marketer and I thrive on the ever-changing nature of our industry.

I am understandably also enthusiastic about my leisure time. This is my play time and over the years I have figured out many a way to enjoy myself away from the city with my loved ones. I love fishing – all types of fishing. As long as there are fish involved I don’t really mind how I catch them – save for a certain preference for the gentlemanly art of casting a fly (it just seems more sporting to me). I love mountain biking as well, this being a relatively new hobby which started as a way to control some of my middle-aged spread after a 10 year sabbatical from this thing we call exercise. Luckily for me I live 5 minutes from the Modderfontein Nature Reserve and I get to go and ride with the Wildebeest and Zebra every weekend and most Wednesday nights (told you I had an understanding wife).

Lastly – in hindsight, there are four things I am enthusiastic about – my enthusiasm for capturing our awe-inspiring African sunsets on Instagram makes me jump up and scramble to the upstairs balcony on most afternoons. I’ll post a few of those photos in the blog and you can let me know what you think.

African Sunset

Sunset over Greenstone Hill, Johannesburg

I hope some of my enthusiasm makes it through to every person that I have the privilege of meeting in my journey through life and maybe, just maybe, some of it will make it through to this blog so that it gets an update more than once a year.

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